Wedding Veils and Tiaras


The wedding veil goes back quite a few thousand years and has been used across many cultures. It seems the veil was used in most cultures simply as protection against hostile physical environments and later was adopted as a form of modesty. It appears the veil’s origins are Middle Eastern traveling along the “Silk Road” to Europe where some of the traditions and customs applied are still in use today.

The veil has and still exists in Africa, Japan, Rome, and a host of other cultures, each applying their beliefs to it. bridal veil The value of the wedding veil is not rooted in any religious values, systems, or beliefs but in pragmatism, superstitions, and some fear. In the modern era, the veil is simply a lovely finishing touch to the bride’s wedding attire.

Tips for buying and wearing a veil: The veil should be a matching color or at least a complementary color of the bride’s wedding gown, avoid going to a darker color. Selecting a veil with more than one layer of tulle gives a more voluminous look to the wedding ensemble. Attach a beautifully detailed ‘hairpin or comb’ if you have decided against a ‘tiara.

The shorter portion of the veil is the part that covers the bride’s face. There are many lengths for a wedding veil the following guide should be a helper at your bridal store

Shoulder length 19-20”
Elbow-length 24-30”
Fingertip length 38-42”
Semi-Waltz length 61”
Waltz length 75”
Chapel length 92”
Cathedral length 108” plus
Pillbox hats, wide brim, and other styles of hats embellished with beads, sequins, tulle, and lace are also fantastic options for today’s bride- choose one of these finishing touches to compliment your beauty and style for your wedding day.

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