Why Wedding Invitations?

It should seem obvious as to why there should be formal invitations sent out to wedding guests but these days even this bit of wedding tradition seems unclear. With the advent of the internet, texting, and cell phones the question arises for some brides, “why should I spend ALL that money sending out a wedding invitation to each and every person”? Here are some answers:

  • Your caterer will need an accurate head cut for providing food for your guests, you will need to give them fairly accurate numbers or it may end up costing you more than anticipated for guests, especially those who do not attend the reception.
  • What is an RSVP? In French it is: “respondez, sil vous plait” it’s basic English translation: “please reply” or reply if you please” most wedding invitations should include this request.
  • A formal mailed invitation remains the most concise way to communicate about where, when and what time your wedding ceremony and reception will be taking place and allows you to know who will attend.
  • Modern technologies are great but they are NOT fail-safe, communications can and do break down from time to time and the ‘older’ guests may not appreciate all of today’s gadgets the way your younger guests may.
  • The style and type of wedding invitations you select will engender excitement about your upcoming nuptials, take some time and consider your personal style before selecting your wedding invitations.
Finally, getting a lovely wedding invitation in the mail is simply ‘classy’.

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