Wedding Couples

It is incredibly hard not to fall in love with each and every married couple photographed over the years. Each bride and each groom has a public and private story to tell about how they met and fell in love. Were they high school sweethearts? Did they meet a world away? Did they meet at work? Did they connect online? Was it in the middle of a church service? Did they bump into each other at the checkout counter? Did their parents fix them up? Or maybe their friends introduced them? There are thousands of ways that husbands and wives meet and while we cannot share all of their stories, we are sharing just one tiny moment from their wedding. It is the moment they let us intrude and record a photograph for posterity.

Question, how did you meet your husband/wife?

Wedding Day Quick Tips:

Get plenty of sleep the night before the wedding, we understand that pre-wedding parties and events may be hard, but try, bags and dark eyes will show in your photos.

Try hard to minimize your alcohol intake the week of your wedding, drink lots of water to help nourish your skin.

On the day of your wedding, please eat a full and healthy breakfast, having either a bride or groom faint from the stress and excitement of the day is not uncommon, having a good meal before the festivities begin minimizes that possibility.

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