Much of what applies to photographing a bride, also applies to photographing our groom. It is important that the groom be rested and well-refreshed for his photographs as well. Almost all grooms have an interest or hobby that they are engaged in, be it playing pool, football or something else. An interesting and personal photograph maybe one of playing pool or barring that having a pool cue in the photograph with him. Throwing a football or basketball or having some item that is just his. We have included a few tips to improve the groom’s photos for his big day!.

If you have a beard, moustache or goatee make sure you visit the barber the day before your wedding for a good, neat clean trim, stray hairs will show in photographs.

Make sure your shirt under your tuxedo is well-fitted and the sleeve length is perfect, an extremely long shirt showing takes away from a great photo.

Even if you get shoes from the tuxedo shop make sure they are comfortable and shiny.

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