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Why? Our service for realtors is to move your listing to the front of the line. We believe that premium service photographic lighting and rendering is important so your client will be happy and ready to move from their dwelling.

What is premium quality for standard prices? We bring lighting to the location to accent and enhance your property. We also visualize the maximum image potential so it will sell. Does it take time for premium quality service? Yes… It is well worth it once the images are posted to the MLS.

We believe if quality is worth the extra time without affecting your bottom line, but it will and sell it faster than properties that are not property lit or exposed. Of course, time is money to you and your clients. We know that premium service includes precise care to the property we are enhancing. We are detailed oriented and sometimes need to move furniture slightly, remove cluttered areas (realtor should help before photographer arrives), and check our angles when we are photographing your listing.

What happens after we leave your property?… This is where the magic occurs. Our process is just as timely to have the images sell and speak to your potential buyer or buyers. We hope this is not too technical because we do not want to lose you. When at your property we bracket our exposures. What does bracketing do for your final image? It helps to preserve detail in all tonal areas (highlights and shadows). We take three images with electronic flash on a tripod stand and then when we get back to the studio we seamlessly bring the images to our software to create magic. We create a HDR image ( High Dynamic Range) See … that was easy for you. We believe at Artisan Photographics that we would rather apply our energies to a happy and returning client knowing it provides value for them. One step at a time.

Descriptive Sample Lighting Techniques

Before & After. Drag cursor to view before or after. Premium Service with standard session coverage.

House_shoot in Lauderdale Lauderdale_house shoot after
Hallandale Before shot Hallandale After

Featured Residential Photographic Sessions

Just wanted to let you know that I received the photos you sent on Monday. I sorted through them all and put the listing in the computer Wednesday afternoon. The property was sold Thursday from one of the first 6 showings! Thank you for all your hard work. Of course, I’m going to give credit to my beautiful staging (LOL) and all my advertising (none). I’m going on a listing presentation tomorrow morning. When I get it, I will definitely be calling you.

Nancy Kline Broker/Associate at United Realty Group

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