Important phases of a Jewish Wedding Photography

Capturing Jewish Wedding Traditions

The Jewish wedding day is filled with so many special and unique moments that are sure to make great photographic memories as the years go on. It is important to have a photographer that you can trust who knows the important and key moments to capture. Artisan Photographics is knowledgeable in Jewish Wedding continues to find new and creative ways to photograph special moments such as Ketubah Signing, Chuppah, the blessing of the challah, Jewish Hora dance, and much more

Ketubah Signing | Why is it important?

The Ketubah Signing at a Jewish wedding is a great moment to capture in your wedding day photography because it is an intimate moment between the bride and groom and their closest family and friends. This time is the perfect opportunity for meaningful and special wedding photos without any other distractions.


Jewish Wedding Ceremonies

Jewish Wedding Ceremonies are full of emotion and candid moments. Our style is to get a creative combination of wide angle and close up photos from different angles, anticipating emotional moments.


Photography of the Chuppah

The Chuppah is an important part of the Jewish Wedding ceremony. Under its covering, two become one and Artisan Photographics is there to capture those moments.


Jewish Wedding Reception Photography

During the wedding reception, it’s our time to make sure we anticipate all of the exciting moments. During the toast, if a funny joke is being told, we can capture the person speaking and also on the bride and groom to capture their reactions. If an emotional speech is happening, we capture those tears. And of course, if someone is dancing a storm on the dance floor, we’re there as well. Our goal is to tell the story of the wedding reception through the camera lens.


The Blessing of the Challah

The blessing of the Challah bread is a serious and intimate portion of the Jewish wedding reception. Usually, a grandfather of older family member says a prayer blessing the bread, and then cuts it and takes a bite. The bread is then taken and cut into pieces so that each table can partake.


The Jewish Hora Dance

The Hora dance is an extremely fast and fun part of Jewish wedding traditions. Artisan Photographics love capturing this particular part of the wedding day because it always produces the most candid reactions of laughter, passion, happiness, and pure fun! The Guests hold hands and dance the hora in a circle with or around the bride and groom. Family members are lifted up on chairs for an exhilarating and scary ride.

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