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Children by their very nature can do the unexpected at any time including a wedding.

We have seen it all here at Artisan Photographics when it comes to the little people. They are often fun, entertaining and the most wonderful addition as little ring bearer and flower girl. We were honored to have our photograph included by Huffington Post Weddings recently.

Our little one observed his family member’s wedding ceremony calmly with a slight chillin lean from the back of the church. What can you really say about this wonderful moment, we are glad we captured it!

Tips For Having Children In Weddings:

· Very young children should be very well rested

· Have some age appropriate and child focused activities on hand (coloring books, iPad/iPod with cartons, etc)

· Children often cannot eat or may not be willing to eat what the adults do, have something for them- most little ones still prefer peanut butter, even at a grownup event

· Limit their time, they are not able to do 6 hours or more of ceremony, travelling from place to place, plus a reception the crankiness will increase as the day goes on

Doing a few simple things should insure you have a happy tiny member participating in your big day.

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