Horse and Carriage on Your Wedding Day? Maybe Not

Horse and Carriage

The vision of a horse-drawn carriage is both romantic and breathtaking for any bride to consider as a mode of transportation on the wedding day. You and your Prince Charming are locked in a sweet embrace, gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes as you are driven by horse and driver to your destination.

The history of horse-drawn coaches and carriages goes back to the 16th century in The United States, having arrived with European settlers. It is believed that carriages have always been used to escort the bride to her wedding as it was a common mode of transportation at that time.

Cinderella before you go much farther along in this dream, there are some things you may want to consider.

If you must have a horse-drawn carriage for your wedding day, keep in mind the distance that will be traveled by the horse, which as we understand from sources is less than 10 miles and on extremely low trafficked streets, in fact, the less the better.

Tips and Suggestions

  • According to PETA the horses used in this industry are often not well treated or cared for
  • Accidents can and do happen as horses are animals that can be easily spooked, loss of life has been reported from accidents
  • Horses are a very sensitive animal having two dimensional vision they only see in black and white
  • Look for venues with a good reputation of caring for its animals before selecting a company
When you have completed your research and are confident that all will go well, remember to take as many wonderful and unique poses with your driver and the horse. For more information and quick notes visit:
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