Honeymoons, Will you be going on one?

The whole idea of a honeymoon today is still to give the newlyweds time to ‘get to know each other’. This ‘getting to know you’ concept comes from a time when marriages were arranged by the couple’s family. Arranged marriages while more uncommon today are not altogether gone from many of the world’s cultures. Most honeymoons last one week or more.

How well the couple really knows each other and where they want to honeymoon, as well as what their finances will allow often determine if a couple will even go on a honeymoon after their nuptials.

Will you and your new husband or wife be able to go on a honeymoon after the expense involved in a wedding?

What are your locale or location preferences? Do you both enjoy the same things? Are you willing to compromise?

Do you both like Mountains, Beaches, Lakes, National Parks, Backpacking, Cruising, etc? Are you both active, outdoorsy types or more laid back preferring an environment where you are served breakfast in bed?

Tips and Suggestions:
  • Have a candid discussion about your preferences, do this early in the wedding planning process, honeymoons are once in a lifetime
  • Budget enough funds for tickets, meals, gas and other hidden expenses that can and do come up on the honeymoon
  • Collect as many brochures, go on websites, talk with travel agents and planners if you are not sure of where you want to go
  • Narrow your choices down to your top three favorites locales and then select the one
  • Pack as lightly as you can if you are flying to your honeymoon destination
  • Don’t forget passports and travel documents if you are traveling outside of the country
  • Locate the US embassy or consulate’s address in any country to which you are traveling
  • Before you go check with the US State Department to see if your honeymoon country is on the US ‘watch list’
  • Do some research on local customs for example, even if you are travelling to the US Virgin Islands, the locals interact with visitors much more easily and pleasantly when you’ve made the effort to learn the local tongue
  • When going out in the evenings in any foreign country be aware of your surroundings (you are a tourist) where possible travel in a group
With some simple planning and precautions, you will create great memories on your honeymoon. Bon Voyage![
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