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Beauty and charm is the call of Indian and South Asian brides and grooms and that beauty extends to the incredible details that make up photographing this several day life celebrations. An Indian/South Asian event is a treat for any wedding photographer with the heart, passion, and spirit to engage the festivities and wedding traditions.

India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bhutan the traditions and mosaics of religions such as Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, and Christianity make up the beauty of a South Asian wedding and ethnic brides

Through the lens will come all of the color, glamour, joy of family, commitment and community. Some of the highlights of a South Asian wedding you may not be familiar with is the Mandap these temporary structures are breathtakingly decorated with flowers, draping, and other items, it is usually the place where the actual wedding ceremony takes place. Photographing this memorable space is a must for the family and the wedding photographer- the South Asian wedding would not be the same without it. Mendi/Mehendi this is the tradition of or ritual of applying henna to the bride’s hands and feet, sometimes the groom’s as well. As we understand it, this process represents good luck for the couple, wards off evil and illness and also the bride will not do any housework until the henna is completely worn off!. Another must capture for the wedding photographer.

We understand that red is the color of celebration in South Asian weddings. A bride may select another color for her ceremonial Sarai. Wedding Sarai’s are embellished with an abundance of sequins, beading, embroidery, and details not often found elsewhere in wedding attire. Glamour, drama, vibrancy and high style is what a wedding photographer can expect to see be prepared for enchantment. The groom is also well decked out in his colorful attire as well, the ‘suits’ that groom’s wear is called a ‘Sherwani suit’ and is often worn throughout the wedding. Expect there to be a change of attire more than once in a more traditional South Asian wedding. Artisan Photographics is located in South Florida.

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