Frequently Asked Questions
Take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions from our clients to help you streamline your wedding preparations.

General Questions

At Artisan Photographics, we treat customers like family, meaning we’re not afraid to go the extra mile to make your day special. Our extensive experience allows us to handle any unforeseeable circumstances without souring your day. On top of that, we take pride in our craft and deliver pictures that capture your precious moments with your loved ones.

Detailed-oriented, engaging, warm, and impactful pictures. At Artisan Photographics, we want our clients to feel like a part of the moment each time they look at the pictures. We want to create a legacy so our clients can share these memorable moments with their friends, children, family, and grandchildren.

Our primary style is photojournalism, which includes pictures of candid and posed pictures. We love using creative elements like lighting, angles, compositions, and perspective to bring your sweet moments to life.

Our team focuses on candid and posed pictures to maintain a balance. Too many candid pictures won’t capture the venue and the people properly. On the other hand, too many posed pictures come off as fake. Generally, we work with the clients to figure out which type of photography they want.

If you’re wedding is on the weekend, then the earlier you book, the better. That’s because we’re pretty busy on the weekends. Usually, you should book a wedding photographer as soon as you’ve booked a venue.

No. We eliminate any duplicates, missed focus shots, test shots, and pictures with bad expressions. Sometimes we take extra pictures to ensure the shot is good. Additionally, some candid pictures yield unflattering expressions. So we only deliver the highest quality images and leave the rest.

We’ve done several wedding shoots, so there’s a good chance we’ve worked at your venue before. However, if not, we’ll make sure to get there early on the day of the shoot so we can walk through the venue and pick the best photography locations. We also do extensive research prior to going to a new location.

We do offer partial day coverage only on the weekends.

Mitzvahs and Quincenearas are covered under our event photography services. We offer different creative options to make your events memorable. See our portfolio for some of our most popular photography styles.

We dedicate our entire day to making your wedding our top priority. That’s why we don’t leave the venue until we’ve captured the essence of your wedding. If you require additional hours beyond the pre-determined time, we’ll require you to sign the overtime form, and you’ll be billed for it. If not, there’s no additional charge.

Meeting Policy

We love to meet with people to get their perspectives and answer questions regarding your big day. Generally, we’d like to schedule an online meeting to get to know our clients better.

Generally, meeting and going over all the details is the best option. However, if you have other, more important commitments, we can handle things remotely. Just let us know your questions, and we’ll try our best to give you satisfactory answers. We can also show you samples online as well.

We generally answer queries over the phone or through online meetings. You can email us to learn more.

Please reach out to our manager for more information.

Quality And Style

We are known for our photojournalism style, which includes creative lighting, angles, perspectives, and compositions.

We’ve shot at multiple darker venues like reception halls and chapels, so there’s no need to worry. Our team will handle the lighting and ensure the images are rich and clear. If there’s no flash allowed, we use cameras with great low-light performance.

Engagement Sessions

Generally, the post-production time for engagement sessions is one week after the shoot.

Since more weddings are on the weekends, we don’t schedule engagement shoots on the weekends. We also shoot during the weekdays because the locations are less crowded.

Typically, we deliver 50 to 70 images for each hour of the shoot. But depending on the flow of the ceremony, the numbers may decrease or increase.

engagement Farm shoot
waterfall kiss


We do all of our bookings in advance, so you’ll have to contact us to sign a document and make a deposit.

We work until our decided time. After that, you’ll have to sign the overtime form and pay at the rate of $200/hour per master photographer.

Your deposit is used to reserve the specific date. Once we receive the deposit, we don’t book other clients for that date. This is why the deposit is non-refundable.

Post Production

Each image we deliver is processed to enhance the appearance of the image. The enhancements include black-and-white processing, exposure adjustment, clarity adjustments, color correction, and other corrections.

We offer custom and advanced retouching options. Advanced retouching is a standard procedure with the above-mentioned corrections. For custom retouching, we offer blemish correction, removing or adding objects, and more!

Download And Legal Questions

Generally, you can print up to 20×30 photos without losing the quality. For images larger than that, more post-production touchups will be necessary.

Clients have the right to reprint the images as many times as they like. But they can’t sell these images without Artisan Photographics’ written consent.

Insurance And Backup

We always back up the images after each shoot. Once the images are processed, they’re stored in the back to prevent any unforeseeable issues.

Certain venues require liability insurance, so we do have it.

Engagement sessions

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