Catered Weddings

Catered Weddings: A few tips to remember

Wedding caterers are professionals with training and experience in reception service. They are experts who are hired to take on all the extra responsibilities having to do with the care of your guests so you can focus on what really matters; your vows.

Catered weddings do not have to be big events. They can be small, personal, intimate get-togethers. A catered nuptial can be an adaptation of a traditional family ceremony, a creative variation made to suit a romantic destination or a theme-based, time period dinner.

Co-ordinate your Food with your Theme

Food is by nature, versatile. People crave new taste experiences and a variety of culinary settings. Current food choices reflect a much more multi-cultural base across restaurants, diets and grocery markets. Chefs take the best of the best and combine it in new and innovative ways. Wedding fare is not expected to be traditional anymore; the trend is to make it appropriate for a wide variety of tastes and cultural backgrounds.

Catered food can also represent a theme. Take, for example, a ceremony set amidst a 19th century Orlando or Ft. Lauderdale mansion. Imagine your vows exchanged in one of the first churches built on American soil, and your reception held in a historic manor home dating back to the early 1900’s.

Your wedding photographer chooses as a backdrop one of many locations overlooking the lily ponds. The covered porch of a local Bed and Breakfast awaits your wedding night above the canopy of a lush, green garden. The night air is scented with foliage grown from seeds that date back to medieval Europe, transferred here like treasures hidden inside people’s shoes, socks, and urns. Your chef can concoct foods that evoke memories of days when the wealthy traveled to the new world accompanied by their personal cook, valet, butler, and handmaiden. Most of the local buildings are run by people who are happy to accommodate wedding parties. Chapels and inns in Central and South Florida host many catering businesses that specialize in wedding receptions. Their service includes food, beverages, all set-up, and clean-up activities, the staff required to do this, and a full service of tables, chairs, linens, china, glassware, and flatware. Most places have in their arsenal of supplies, a tent to protect your guests and to shelter the offerings from the rays of the sun and any stray raindrops. Whether you require a tantalizing array of hors-d’oeuvres to accompany your guests after your moonlit celebration of nuptials or you need a full meal served over a number of courses, check the list of professional caterers. Make your wedding ceremony and reception one you will always remember.

Tips to remember:

  • Determine the type of foods you want to have served, the more food you add the most it will cost.
  • A ‘head count’ of how many guests will be attending your event should be provided by the designated deadline of your venue.
  • If you have children attending your wedding provide meals for them, many children may not be ready for adult fare.
  • Alcohol is typically not an included item for certain venues, i.e. mansions, art galleries.
  • Premium and brand name liquors are usually higher priced items.
  • Find out if there is a fee or cost for ‘clean up’ after your event.
  • Check the parking of the venue and make sure there is enough parking for your guests and other service providers and vendors.
  • If you are using a hotel for your wedding reception make sure to let your guests know about any parking fees they may have to pay.
  • Don’t forget gratuities for exceptional service from individual servers and staff.

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