Bridal Jewelry for Your Wedding

Jewelry has been a form of body adornment across every culture from the moment of human development. Archaeologists across the globe have found jewelry as part of the grave goods of the ancient dead. In almost every single culture jewelry has been used for societal hierarchy. In Africa in various countries, cowry/cowrie shelled jewelry along with other personal gifts are presented to the bride. In China it is customary to give the bride gold earrings

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Wedding and Bridal Tiaras would you wear one?

Wedding and Bridal Tiaras would you wear one? Thank goodness the wedding tiara is no longer the domain of the world’s ‘royal families’. This headpiece historically relegated to those born into royal clans is now often used by the ‘common woman’ as an elaborate finishing touch to her wedding day ensemble. Steeped in tradition some of the more famous royal tiaras are: 1. The modern Fringe Tiara last worn by Princess Madeline of Sweden 2.

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Huff Post Weddings | Children At Weddings | 4 tips for kids

Huff Post Weddings Kids at weddings When it comes to the little people,they are often fun entertaining and the most wonderful addition as little ring bearer and flower girl. We were honored to have our photograph included by Huffington Post Weddings (huff post weddings) recently. Children by their very nature can do the unexpected at any time including a wedding. Included are 4 tips about children at weddings. Our little one observed his family member’s

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