A Bride’s Guide to Makeup

A Bride’s Guide to Makeup

There are many words that might describe a woman’s makeup-heavy, light, natural, subtle, or smoky to name just a few. For your wedding day, makeup artistry is best left to the professional. When you think about it, you will most likely be photographed more times on your wedding day than any other time of your life! Therefore, it stands to reason that you will want to look your absolute best.


This is no time for drugstore makeup. There are special circumstances to consider on your wedding day. As a rule, makeup should be applied more liberally on your special day. More eyeliner around the eyes and stronger blush on the cheeks are important because it will help to ensure that your photographs turn out better. No one wants that “washed out” look!

A professional makeup artists specialize in makeup for ALL skin tones

It is also good to note that professional makeup artists specialize in makeup for ALL skin tones and ethnicities, so you need not worry whether the finished look will suit you. Bridal makeup artists usually will use a silicone-based airbrush makeup that will easily take you through a long, busy day and last well into the night (or until you and your new husband leave the reception). Your makeup will withstand any situation Waterproof mascara will save the day should a bride shed a few tears. The airbrush makeup will not only last all day, it will create a flawless look that will hold up to hot lights or hot temperatures. The professional knows how to give you a look that will not wilt halfway through your wedding day or even if the unthinkable should happen-rainy weather. Whether you decide to go for that “daring and dramatic” look or that ultra-romantic look, your makeup artist will be able to guide you as well as offer tips from a professional standpoint. For instance, adding eyelashes is a subtle way to enhance the eyes without resorting to that “raccoon look” that we all know and hate! If your wedding budget does not leave room for a professional makeup artist, check into the possibility of a “package deal” at your salon because there are many salons (especially bridal hair salons) that offer both services for a reduced price. This way you can have your hair and your makeup simply perfect for your wedding day! Because some salons specialize in bridal hairstyles, they are an elite group of high trained artists. They will help you to feel truly at your best – and how you feel about yourself is so important on your wedding day. These artists will discover and bring out the beauty that is uniquely you! And what could be more beautiful than a bride who is beautiful on the inside and on the outside?

Planning A Wedding

Planning a wedding can be stressful for everyone involved. Sure, there are plenty of books, pamphlets and guides available that claim to be helpful, but sometimes they are just not realistic. Here are ten insider secrets that only someone who creates wedding magic for a living can share. Following them will ensure that your wedding day is full of love, happiness and good cheer.
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