The Bridal Portrait


The importance of the bridal portrait and when this photograph should be done is still a hotly debated issue. We understand that for some brides there may be additional expenses. In the best of all worlds, our feeling here at Artisan Photographics is, that the bridal portrait should be done on a separate day from the wedding.

The wedding day is filled with activities and time limitations that may not always provide the bride with the best opportunity for this treasured image. Doing this portrait session on a day before the wedding allows the bride to relax, and not worry about anything beyond her photograph. In the same way, a bride will make time to complete her engagement photographs, we feel it is best to plan ahead for this momentous image. This session allows the bride to see exactly what her wedding ensemble will look like on the wedding day. The most important thing is this photograph will live for many generations for a couple’s children, grandchildren, and beyond to get a glimpse of what you looked like on your wedding day.
This session allows the bride to create an image for her wedding reception if she so chooses.

Quick Tips:

Work out the location and time of day with your photographer- morning light is beautiful especially for ‘outside’ sessions.

Have a backup date for inclement weather.

Bring your make-up or make-up artist to the session.

Visit your hairdresser the evening before the session.

Your dress.

Your bouquet or a small copy of the bouquet.

All bridal trousseau including your shoes. Make sure your hands and nails are manicured.

Think about creating an enlargement of your favorite photograph for your wedding reception from this portrait session.

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