Everyone knows the four’s C’s carat,  color, cut, clarity  associated with the purchase of  a diamond engagement ring, not so much the history of the customs, however  from the Greeks, Egyptians and the Romans these rings were given to one’s betrothed as a promise to marry and will continue to be a declaration of love and commitment. Wedding bands are steeped in both tradition and superstition but one thing is sure all cultures around the globe seem to agree that the circle represents unending commitment.  Click to see photographs  of this enduring symbol of love!

Some Quick Tips On Buying Rings

·         Decide on the budget for your rings and the type of ring you want and stick to it, keep in mind there are thousands of designs available

·         If possible avoid jewelry stores  in malls for this purchase  the mark up is often more than 200%

·         Consider buying your rings from wholesalers at the International Gem and Jewelry Show where you can often find unique items at reasonable prices, most vendors will work with you

·         Stores in the Caribbean Islands such as on  St.Maarten’s,  St. Thomas  offer an array of both engagement and wedding rings consider a purchase on vacation

·         Have the ring and stone appraised and insure this purchase


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