A Wedding Photographer’s Typical Wedding Day Routine

You already know that your wedding day will be hectic and bustling with people and multiple things going on at once! This is why it’s beneficial to wrap your head around your wedding day routine so you know what to expect. With a well-planned routine, you can be more assured that eve

Typical Wedding Day Routine for Wedding Photographers

Preparation: 1 hour

This is where everyone gets ready and involves capturing all the details, such as shoes, makeup, jewelry, the wedding gown, and more. Wedding photographers often schedule a certain time for the bride to put on the dress and jewelry. Meanwhile, makeup artists will work on helping bridesmaids and moms get ready. Your wedding photographer will be capturing candid moments of everyone getting ready.

Reception Details: ½ hour

About half an hour before the wedding ceremony commences, photographers capture guests arriving or waiting for the wedding party to arrive.

Bride and Groom Photos: 45 mins

These photos often capture the bride and groom spending time together, laughing, and relaxing. Some photo ideas include traditional portraits, candid shots, the bride and groom individually, romantic portraits, and more. For many couples, these are usually the portraits that end up being framed and displayed at home. It’s a special and intimate time when the bride and groom will get to share some rare private moments together that day!

Family Photos and Bridal Party: 1 hour

This is usually a chaotic part of the day that can add some stress due to time constraints and guests who are not at the right pace to be photographed. Letting everyone involved know when family and bridal party photos will occur can help them know where they have to be.

Some examples of the photos that will be taken here include the full bridal party, bride, and groom with their parents, bride and maid of honor, groom with his best man, and more.

The Importance of Leaving Enough Buffer Time

During your discussions with your wedding photographer, you might disagree with some of the time blocks set aside. For example, you may feel that you don’t need half an hour just to get in your wedding gown. However, this is where it’s crucial to trust your photographer. >

As wedding photographers, we’ve been to countless weddings and know the importance of adding buffer time. Ultimately, unforeseen circumstances may crop up, and even if they don’t, it’s always good to have some extra time so you don’t feel rushed. After all, we want to capture happy and relaxed photos of everyone!


Ultimately, it’s crucial to work out and agree on a wedding day photography routine with your photographer. It will certainly differ with each wedding, depending on what the couple wants. Some couples may want to fit in additional formal portraits of the bride or groom, for example.

Whatever you desire, just be sure to communicate clearly with your photographer and always leave enough time as a buffer for any unexpected circumstances. The last thing you’d want is to feel rushed around through the day and not enjoy your special day!

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