Wedding Music

Wedding Music

The Considerations for Ceremony and Receptions

Wedding Music has been with us as long as there have been weddings. Music as one element of the wedding plays is a large part of setting the tone for each aspect of your wedding day. We will not be suggesting who you should hire but what to consider as you go about your planning.

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The ceremony:

This part of the wedding day is somber, serious and yet joyful it requires music that is reflective of that. In that vein the musical strains and talents of Mozart, Bach, Wagner and Beethoven, almost any of the many composers from the 17-20th centuries can be invoked. This music can be provided to you by a gifted harpist, cellist or violinist whichever is your preference at surprisingly affordable rates.

The Reception:

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Where the fun really begins, for most couples here you will have to consider music for the cocktail hour, bridal party entrance, the first dance, the dinner hour, father daughter and mother son dances, if you decided to do things like the bouquet and garter toss, some couples even have different music for the cake cutting and then the general reception party.

Tips and Suggestions:

  • Spend some time listening to the types of music you would prefer for your wedding ceremony and decide on your favorite ten pieces- narrow it down from there to your top three- select the song you like best for your ‘processional’ your walk down the aisle- not everyone likes Here Comes The Bride” so think about this.
  • At the reception during dinner service try to avoid music that is loud or jarring, your older guests especially may have a problem with noise levels.
  • As the evening rolls on your band or disc jockey may increase the tempo of the music and currently rap, hip hop and others genres of music while wonderful can be both sexually explicit and verbally offensive to some, especially those with young children in attendance.
  • Selecting music for the day requires fairness, your fiancée may say you can pick ALL the music but make sure HE/SHE IS ACTIVELY INVOLVED in the final selections we say 40-50% should be their preference and again consider the ages of your guest and incorporate some music from the ‘older generations’ timeline.
  • Musicians, Bands, DJ are all individuals who will be providing an important service to you, your families and guests, make every effort to see the performers you are thinking about hiring for your wedding IN PERSON. If you unable to see a live performance, they must have an up to date website with recent performances, within the 6 previous months is a good yardstick.

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