Wedding Rehearsal Dinners


The question has come up why in the world do brides and grooms bother with a rehearsal dinner? Why do them when they are an additional cost?

That’s a reasonable concern for brides and grooms on a budget. Historically it is the groom’s family who paid for the rehearsal dinner and related expenses but these days many couples are footing or have to foot the bill themselves. There are some things to consider, we hope some of our suggestions may help.

Tips and Suggestions:

Do you and your fiancée want a rehearsal dinner?

Can you afford a separate rehearsal dinner for all the members involved?

Is the officiant requiring some sort of ‘rehearsal’ prior to the actual nuptials?

Do you know the traditional order of a bridal party entrance or will you be doing your own thing?

Have the parents or close family members met and are they familiar with one another?

Will this be a small wedding 50 people or less?

Where will you be holding you nuptials?

Would you consider holding the ‘rehearsal dinner’ in a less costly place such as a friend’s home or a small, inexpensive restaurant?

Finally a rehearsal dinner will be determined by both of you and your families as with all things connected to your wedding consider the cost and the impact of every item you will do for this once in a lifetime event.