belly dancer

Art of Belly Dancing

Why are belly dancers called belly dancers? The origin of the name ‘belly dance’ comes from the French Danse du ventre, which translates as “dance of the stomach”. Sol Bloom is said to have been the first one to use the English term belly dance, for the dancers of the Chicago’s World Fair in 1893. ……

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Ever After Farms Ranch

Ever After Farms Wedding

Yvonne and David’s Wedding Rustic Venue A wedding at Ever After Farm Ranch for Yvonne and David wwhich occurred on Febrary 20, 2020. Ever After Farms is a diversified commercial agricultural operation with farms across the State of Florida and is best known for being home to Florida’s most perfect rustic barn wedding venues. Yvonne…

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Judge Hatchett

Judge Hatchett Inspires Us

Saturday March 21st 2009 Camelot Upper Marlboro, MD   The Honorable Judge Glenda Hatchett inspires, challenges and moves to tears Judge, Activist, Advocate, Television Star, Author of the bestselling book “Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say” (Harper Collins) was the keynote speaker at the “Pretty In Pinstripes” power luncheon which honored women in…

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Angelina Turns One Year Old

Angelina Turns One Year Old Wow! It has been over a year since Yvonne and David”s wedding. Lots has happened. Their wedding was in February 2020, right before COVID had shut our business down. David and Yvonne had contracted us in late 2019, they met us at a bridal show in West Palm Beach that…

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Dickson Azalea Park Engagement

Solana and Luciano had professional engagment session at Dickson Azalea Park. It offers an oasis for those who want to enjoy its shady trees, picturesque landscape, beautiful birds and flowing water. After the session, they left a review of their experience. Dickson Azalea Park is a gorgeous place! Old amazing trees tower above you as…

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Ethnic Brides

Ethnic Brides; Ethnic Weddings The United States is truly a “melting pot” of cultures, from African to Asian, German to Greek, and more. While glimpses of other cultures can be seen in various modes and styles of dress, this is never understood more than during a traditional wedding for cultures other than ethnic weddings. For…

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Wedding Day Flowers

Wedding Day Flowers It has been said that a bride should carry a bridal bouquet since ancient times. From medieval times to the present day a bride’s choice of what flowers should go into the arrangement has been her personal choice or dictated by what is in season. Here is a very short list of…

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